Reducing Risk

Every year we see headlines describing incentive deals that have “blown up.” Stories showcase instances of outright fraud, past criminal or merely unsavory activity, weak business models, and improbable growth forecasts.  These “bad” deals cloud the perception of economic development organizations and harm the reputation of incentive programs and the people behind them.

Beyond these high-profile problem deals, there are many more that simply don’t work as projected. 

Our service helps you avoid surprises and identify potential weaknesses or fatal flaws that will help you avoid problem deals.

Leveling the Playing Field

As budgets have been cut, many economic development organizations no longer have experienced staff or internal research resources to conduct the necessary analysis to go toe-to-toe with company negotiators.  

Our service offers a team of experienced, independent, third-party economic development researchers, analysts and negotiators who can support you during the due diligence and deal-making phases. 

Promoting Transparency

In the social media era fewer incentive negotiations can be carried out behind closed doors.  Economic development staff must be prepared to respond to calls from the media, citizen groups and elected officials for greater transparency.

Smart Incentives allows you to prepare documented, defensible deals that are easy to present to Board members, others with approval authority, media and community stakeholders. 

Saving You Time, Money and Resources

Experienced researchers know where to find information quickly and efficiently.  We know what to look for and where to find it! We provide a customized, highly focused profile instead of a generic business summary.

Most economic development organizations can only afford to subscribe to one business data service.  With Smart Incentives, we access multiple sources, improving the quality of your information.

Our service provides timely, cost-effective analysis that gives economic developers the exact information they need.